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Wardrobe Mistress - Silk Road

As the wardrobe mistress of Pandora's Costume Box on the Silk Road Carol takes great pride in helping travellers find just the right costume.

Soul Food Silk Road Scribe

Carol is an official scribe for the Soul Food Silk Road and has captured the feel of the journey brilliantly. Her report on Duwamish and White Owl Island is just one sample of the detail she provides.

Silk Road Peddler's Cart

Apart from being the scribe and overseeing Pandora's Costume Box Carol finds time to work her Silk Road Peddler's Cart, Flora Digitalis and maintain a blogger that includes stunning photographs from her travels. Carol's work is a real joy. Just don't forget to come back to Soul Food after looking at it all.




Meet Carol Abel
Wardrobe Mistress of Pandora's Box and
Scribe for the Soul Food Silk Road

Carol was introduced to the world of rubber stamping by her sister, Hazel Jarvis, a professional watercolour and mixed media artist, living and working in the United States. She is now beginning to work with mixed media and is looking to combine art with words and developing her interest in digital photography, photo manipulation and collage.

In 2004 she "met" Heather Blakey through the Cloth Paper Studio Yahoo group. They started corresponding and Carol took up Heather's challenge to create a footprint from some ephemera provided by Heather. She then joined the Lemurian Abbey community and is a member of the first group to go through the door to the Sybilline Grotto.

So entranced is Carol with life in the other world that she has accepted the nomination of scribe to the journey and is currently investigating various ideas for recording and preserving the journey. Carol lives and works in the heart of Europe. She spends her working time in a multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment from whence comes her love for foreign languages and words.

Viridiana by Carol Abel

Artists from Cloth Paper Studios, who participated in the footprint challenge were sent a small stash of paper, fabric and oddments together with a shoe insole. The challenge was to leave a footprint here in the halls of Soul Food, to make something using the ecclectic oddments. The morale of the story is that when you challenge an artist to make something out of nothing you can expect to be surprised.