collage courtesy of Charity Alva

Cup of Cappucinno

Introducing Charity Alva

I have always had a pair of scissors in my hand. Since I was big enough to hold a pair of blunt tip school scissors by myself I've been cutting and pasting paper to create my eclectic works of art. I have always enjoyed the spirit of creating something new from something old and covering things with paper has always been a natural act of beautification.

My interest in all things related to paper arts has lead me to discover the joys of papermaking, printmaking and bookbinding as well as altered books, collage and scrapbooking. It seems there are always new techniques to discover and old techniques to master. It has only been over the past couple of years that Iíve actually opened up and shared my work with others.

It has been a very liberating experience. While I was busy working away in my studio after work and on weekends, I rarely let any of my acquaintances know about my secret life as a collage artist. I occasionally made things for local craft galleries - some textiles and paper crafts - but no one ever knew about my ďart stuff.Ē That wasnít something I shared with others. It was my dear friend Anna who got me to open up and share more. With her support and gentle persuasion I realized that good or bad I needed to share my work with others in order to learn more about what I was doing. Itís been wonderful for me ever since.
Charity Alva