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Tale of Two Trees

Introducing Tony Anthony
author of Beneath Buddah's Eyes

Life is War

Tony Anthony has followed a life-long spirit for adventure beginning the summer he graduated from the New Hampton School for Boys and traveled on a 250cc BSA motorcycle through six countries in Europe. Not long afterwards, he found himself drafted into the Army — assigned to the infantry as a Combat Correspondent for the 1st Batallion of the 52nd Infantry, 198th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division in Vietnam.

Thus began the author’s career as a photo-journalist. It was his black and white ink sketches that first gained the notice of a larger audience. Using a self-made bamboo pen, he illustrated a spread of soldiers celebrating Christmas in the field for the Americal Division newspaper. With his work suddenly in demand, the author’s stories, drawings and photographs began to appear regularly in Army publications including Stars & Stripes.

After the war, Tony headed to California where he found work on an anchovy boat. It was the captain of the boat who introduced him to the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Following Vietnam, with the life and death and the questions it raised, it was a natural progression to turn to Eastern philosophy for answers. As it turned out, Tony worked as personal photographer for Maharishi in Europe and India for six years.

Anthony’s first book, LIFE IS WAR But You Can Win, was published in 1994 and was inspired by the author’s recovery from Post Traumatic Stress. The book was bought by VA hospitals and Vet centers across the United States. Dr. John Gray wrote: “Tony Anthony’s account of what he learned under fire inspires us all to take control of our lives, to move forward with greater awareness and courage.” The Dallas Morning News said, “Gutsy and sometimes as grisly as war itself.”