Meet Fredrik Goldhahn

NAME: Fredrik Goldhahn
AGE: 33
LOCATION: Mantorp, Sweden WORKING: as a chef since 1987 with experience from ordinary chef to executive chef and food and beverage manager positions. Run own company Mat & Idé as a platform for overflowing creativity, concentrating on Event Chef area and Consulting Solutions for the Catering Business. Today working as a "freelance" chef at Hilton in Linköping while developing the first reference site in Sweden for Event-, Personal-, Private- , Special Skill Chefs and Catering Businesses. Also involved in several other Projects; mostly Internet based...
INTERESTS: Beside the obvious thinking on Food and Drink 24/7, I write constantly, love to listen to music and play (or tries more likely!) any instrument I can lay my hands on, exploring cultures, travelling, art and design. Also of course being with my family and friends, enjoying life together!

Cooking With Confidence with Fredrik Goldhahn

Creative Cooking - Bruschetta


Learning by Coincidence – Cooking with Confidence Theory

Heart. Mind. Spirit. Soul. When it comes down to something as fundamental and essential as cooking these ingredients are impossible to live without.

The joy with cooking starts when you have made all the mistakes, burned the sauces, cursed the recipes and stopped throwing pots and pans around you. It all starts at the crossroad, at the point of frustration, at the point where you either leave the kitchen as a loser or stay and become obsessed with the idea of finding out why things went wrong and how to make it right the next time.

Cooking has a lot to do with science and the curiosity to explore. As chef’s we must know how to gently bend the laws of the elements to create, and at the same time take our guests on a journey where all our senses are the guide; taste, smell, touch, sound. If everything falls in place we can truly create a kind of magic. And in a way brilliant chefs have a lot in common with magicians. However, while the magician can fool your eye and senses, showing you something that isn’t true or there, we as Chefs must conquer the same senses with taste, texture, aromas, colour and the experience of eating together. There is no way we can fool our audience!

In the eye of the beholder, we each experience good food differently. Hard as it may be to believe, someone might not like the aroma and taste of the truffle that has taken hours to create. To make a successful meal for all our guests is like cooking in Utopia. We do know how most of us experience a good meal though; in the company of family and friends, peaceful and in harmony. When becoming more confident in your cooking you might be able to “scan” your guests needs at the moment, adjusting your cooking and presentations to this special moment, to oblige the guests expectations of the food presented before them just with a short conversation.

Coincidences play an important role in a chef’s life as well. Many dishes have been created in “the mood”, in a “flow”. And it’s astonishing how everything around us has an effect and meaning, if we are open minded to impressions. It can be music, arts, nature, architecture, design, shapes, and elements. When we accomplish to bring all these impressions back into our kitchens we can transform it to be a part of our cooking.

If music gets you in the mood, let your kitchen be filled with it! Only when feeling comfortable our creativity will increase and overflow, and if all these coincidences interact with confident cooking your kitchen will be highly appreciated. To get there, becoming the confident chef it takes to cook with creativity; you must constantly touch, taste, learn and explore the world of food and drink.

Repeat this mantra with me; touch – taste – learn – explore. We will all make mistakes along the way, but the main thing is to learn from every one of them, to become more confident with time. Remember that the point of the journey is just to travel sometimes! Travel a lot. If you lift your sight towards a horizon, build a tower of confidence and climb it. All of a sudden your horizon have become more far away. Knowing your terrain will awaken your will to explore the new domains, taking you on a journey that will make you end up somewhere else, building the confident tower all over again and get you to another destination.

When it comes down to cooking my”batterie de cuisine” is essential. It contains my foundation of ground and basic knowledge’s, my boxes of magic and creativity, and finally mood and spirit. The foundation have grown through the years, the box still getting bigger and along with all this I’m happy to feel my mood and spirit for cooking growing as well. The most important ingredients in my kitchen philosophy are credibility, faith, respect and belief.

My theories interact with each other. They are my wells of inspiration, where I pick up what the moment may bring; sources of improvisation or like a web of creativity to help me stay focused and alert. They fill me with the deepest respect to what I am and what I try to achieve with my cooking. As they are a part of my personal philosophy, I hope they will reflect on my plates, bringing my guests great tastes and experiences now, and in the future to come.

Until we meet again; Peace!

Your Soul Food Chef
Fredrik Goldhahn, Sweden