Toasted Kaiser Bun With Sesame Seeds Delivered Fresh Daily

Just as the bun is a crucial ingredient in making a better burger, so to it holds the key to essay writing. The bun, once split, represents the introduction and the conclusion. These are the parts that hold the whole thing together. Both are made of the same bread, yet they look different.

Take a look at the difference in the bun shown here. Note the nicely rounded plump top with sesame seeds, the firm foundation at the bottom. Your introduction should have some flourish, addressing the topic immediately. It is good to make a strong point, even though you may diverge slightly as you travel through the process.

I always use my dictionary to check out the meaning of the key words in a question. For example, the dictionary defines the word 'responsible' as meaning
liable to be called into account for; morally accountable for one's actions; capable of rational conduct;
If this word appears in the question I would use this definition as I would use sesame seeds. I would sprinkle the words from the dictionary in my opening paragraph.

Filling the burger is a challenge. This is the body of your essay and you can be as imaginative as the makers of the burger shown here. Remember that you need good solid fillings and plenty of embellishments to make it more than a plain burger.

The conclusion pulls it all back together. It helps you keep a strong grip on your topic and tie up any loose ends. It helps to hold the whole thing together.


Dilly Chilly Hamburger
A Blue Print For Essay Writing