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Writer, Poet, Artist.

Edwina Peterson Cross (Winnie) is a poet, a mother, a dancer, a dryad, a mountain spirit and a disciple and cohort of the Muse; dwelling in the enchanted green hills of Southern Oregon. This spirit that dances is on a constant quest to come to terms with a body in chronic pain. Winnie is a published writer and poet and former poetry editor for Welcome Home magazine, where she was gratified to offer poetry to thousands and publication to many; to serve as an emissary for the Muse. Winnie is a joyous resident of Lemuria; land of moonlit mists, clear healing waters and stars of synchronicity. She is a lover of words and books; of laughter, language and learning; of fantasy, mystery, magic, and myth.

The contribution of Edwina Peterson Cross to the Soul Food Cafe is acknowelged with a Laurel Crown. She is entitled to wear the robe of Calliope.


We bear

We share, a collective past of
exposed infants screaming on cold stone hill sides bound feet
bound breasts
an unstoppable, indestructible, mutual strength

Woman of grace
Who bears the honored name of Crone
A name I now thirst to learn
to fill my bones with
to wreath my hair with
to celebrate, exalt and revel
to learn one day to

Woman of honor
in roughly woven cape and hood
I do not know your burden
I cannot offer to help you carry
I cannot offer you shade
or even a place to rest

But as my sisters before me
throughout antiquity
I will not let you bear it alone

See the footsteps in the sand
I will walk beside you

Edwina Peterson Cross (Winnie) 2002

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