Go With The Flow
Courtesy of Jane Tilton



Applying Daydreams

Daydreaming is the spontaneously recalling or imagining of personal or vicarious experiences in the past or future. What some of us may overlook is that, by this definition, worry is another manifestation of daydreaming. Daydreaming can improve efficiency by enabling us to exploit free processing time learning from past experiences and prepare for future tasks. However, if our daydreams throw up scenes of catastrophe it can equally grind us to a halt or freeze us. Positive daydreaming improves creativity by generating fanciful scenarios and facilitating the discovery of analogies among seemingly unrelated tasks. But obviously, if these fanciful scenarios involve a catastrophe it can be terrifying. Positive daydreaming helps us regulate emotions but negative daydreaming can intensify feelings of fear or jealousy. Either way our daydreaming provides wonderful fodder for our writing.

Raise your awareness about the benefits of daydreaming and the link between daydreaming and creativity.

Interested in imaging in a positive way?
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