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Lemurian Garden History

Work of Trendle Ellwood
Farmer Shaw
Boiling Sap
Lady in the Window
Lemurian Moon Ceremony
Secret Lemurian Garden
Tren's Chunky Salsa
Summer Harvest

Seasons in Lemuria
November Clouds 2003
January Entrall 2004

Early Signs of Winter Thaw




The World of Trendle Ellwood
A Trading Station on the Road to Ithaka


It is Summer in this Lemurian Garden

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Ohio Homestead's Recipes & Recollections of a Season
by Trendle Ellwood

Embark on a journey through the four seasons of a market farmer/homesteaderís life. Join her as she taps trees for maple syrup and discovers the first snowdrops peeking through the snow in early spring. Walk alongside as she pursues the wild berry brambles of June and gleans the rustling cornfields in late autumn. Finally, snuggle in by the wood stove while the stew simmers during the cold of winter. In the pages of Ohio Homesteadís Recipes & Recollections of a Season, Trendle Ellwood brings us a taste of the challenges and a sampling of the joys of a life lived close to the heart of nature. She shares with us the hope that as in the seasons of the garden, likewise within the human heart, winter is destined to melt into spring.

You can contact Trendle and talk to her by emailing