When this artist began doing doll-makeovers she became passionate about them. She says that her love of fantasy is her main inspiration and that she experiences pure joy in transforming a doll into her personal vision. Give names and voices to some of these fantasy dolls and include them in a piece of fiction. Check out the links to other dolls. There are enough people here to populate a city.

Here at Soul Food you will find some rather charming dragons who have inspired student and adult imagination. Print them out, colour them in and then begin a story with the line 'Once Upon A Time'.

Other outstanding sites, that will inspire anyone who is interested in mythology, symbolism, fairy stories and fantasy, are Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Terri Windling's Endicott Studios.

Our fantasy adventures will be published in the Album of Memories each student is compiling and work will be featured here at Soul Food during the coming weeks.

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Undertake a Fantasy Writing Process...

When I visit primary schools I actively encourage students to form ideas by drawing in their directed writing books. Many students assure me that this works for them every time.

While browsing through a charity store here in Melbourne I happened upon a stack of Dragon and Realms of Fantasy magazines that a fan had obviously decided to clear out to make way for something new. Finding these magazines was like finding gold. They are filled with ideas about mythical creatures, dwarves, diminutive dragons, suits of armor, elves and even a subterranean city.

I never expect all my students to pull stories out of thin air. Some are adept at doing this but for most mere mortals it is too daunting a task. To introduce a new fantasy thread I told each of my classes how I happened upon these discarded fantasy magazines in the charity shop and showed them a series of images depicting animal henchmen.

Inspired, they delighted in drawing and writing about fabulous creatures who possessed special powers. We turned to nature books for ideas, adding bat wings to creatures like dolphins and tigers, gave our creatures names and decided who they were guarding. Mimir, I told them, was the name of an ancient and wise giant who guarded a well and who allowed Odin to drink from it to acquire primordial knowledge. We chatted about how Cerebus guarded the gate to Hades and remembered other famous mythical creatures such as the winged Pegasus.

Begin the writing process by drawing a mythical creature Give this creature seven special powers and make sure to sketch and explain what it guards and where it lives.

After creating characters and habitat I introduced students to Tennyson's Morte d' Arthur. We had talked about Excalibur and I related Tennyson's version of King Arthur's death, as told in Morte d'Arthur. Within ten minute Dina Yousif had created her Opal and Cave of Immortality and wiith equal speed Anthony Kovacevic had breathed life into the Sacred Sword of the World , establishing that it had been carved by an ancient Samuri. Dina and Anthony both have something to work with now and have a far greater understanding of the role of character development and setting in the writing process.

Take a leaf out of this tatoo artist's creative design and design your own personal Excalibur to protect you when you head off on the Vision Quest. What special protective qualities will your Excalibur need?

Armed with your sketches and notes begin to write a piece of fantasy set in a fanciful world.