Lady from Gees Bend
by Daune Riddle

After seeing a public broadcasting system special on the quilters from Gee's Bend, Alabama, USA who reminded me of my grand mothers and also my aunts. Women who were the recyclers of their day. Everyone sewed, embroidered, knitted and/or crocheted. As children my sisters and I had the most wonderful clothes and costumes; colorful, well made always with something interesting on them, a tag or hand embroidery. I you would like to see some of their quilts check out Planet Patchwork is a pretty nice representation. My soul/sole feels blessed to be in the presence of all these ladies.

Cloth Paper Studio

Cloth Paper Studio is a group owned by Rachel Murphree. This group is for friendly people who enjoy working with cloth and paper in fabric books, Artist Trading Cards, postcards, collage, altered anything, surface design and embroidery... whereever our creative spirit takes us. Artists, would-be-artists, or crafters (whatever you choose to call yourself) who are willing to share ideas and knowledge, swaps or round robins, or just lurk and learn are welcome! We are hosting weekend "MINIS", projects to flex your artistic muscle and experiment and monthly projects complete with prizes.

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Footprint Challenge.

Artists from Cloth Paper Studios, who participated in the footprint challenge were sent a small stash of paper, fabric and oddments together with a shoe insole. The challenge was to leave a footprint here in the halls of Soul Food, to make something using the ecclectic oddments. The morale of the story is that when you challenge an artist to make something out of nothing you can expect to be surprised.

These prints are being used to inspire and challenge students in secondary and primary schools here in Melbourne. Their response has been quite extraordinary and their work will be shown here in the gallery soon.

Cody by Rachael Murphree

My stash arrived when my 12 yr old dog Cody was undergoing cancer I created it as a kind of shrine to her (she's doing fine, by the way!) So on the front I have tan with black dog footprint fabric, Cody's picture (actually in her post surgery cone which I've cut away), and my picture with a shoestring with colorful hearts on it, as the "leash of love" that holds us together...And I have written along the shoestring: My faithful companion Cody, beside me all the way! and I have clear glitter strewn over it, as if the sands of time... oh my gosh, as I'm writing this, I'm sappy! but there it is...

On the back is a map background with a quote "Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends" Alexander Pope, and a map of the US with the various places Cody and I have lived, and this note: The footprint arrived when my 12 year old dog was undergoing cancer surgery. She is fine now but this is a tribute to my faithful companion Cody who has accompanied me through many changes in my life, including cross-country moves. And I have attached a tag with Cody's sidekick NIKKI's picture on it...Nikki just wouldn't let herself be ignored...that's how she is...she was the bane of Cody's existence when she moved into our family five years ago, but after a year of ignoring her, Cody decided Nikki was here to stay and now they are best buddies.

Viridiana by Carol Abel

Viridiana is the name of a female character in the (imaginarry) play 'The Artist's Palette' which is about the choices we have to make.

Dramatis personae
Sir Hugo Fussington-Red (suitor)
Helianthus (father)
Primrose Canary (sister)
Viridiana Cerulean ((intrepid explorer)
Woad (brother)
Violet (mother)

This is her story? Viridiana is in her mid 30's. She is a tall, striking woman with dark hair and dark eyes. The sort of woman you would notice as soon as she entered a room and to whom men are immediately drawn. Although she is financially comfortable, there are other areas in her life where she feels the empty spaces. Life, it has to be admitted, has not always been kind to her and the feelings of jealousy which she has felt on a number of occasions, continue to bubble to the surface. Cowardice, to some extent, has also prevented her from giving vent to her true feelings on a number of occasions. Perhaps the choice of colours in her clothes is not entirely accidental ...... or maybe it is entirely sub-conscious. She tends to opt for clothes in the yellow through green range and is given to wearing exotic jewellry to complement her equally exotic hair styles and the occasional hat.

She was born the eldest daughter of a middle class family in a prosperous town in the southwest of the country. She was privately educated but left little mark of academic achievement in her school's archives although she went on to study in the realms of higher education, which unfortunately did not live up to her expectations.

She has a way with words that sometimes sets her apart from her peers. She is also one of those people who do not tolerate fools gladly. She has travelled widely and readily accepts the differences in people and cultures that make up this world of ours. Intuitive and discreet, she has acted as a cultural ambassador on a number of occasions whilst travelling abroad. She has now reached an age where she must decide on the direction her life is to take. Should she accept rubicund Sir Hugo Fussington-Red's proposal of marriage or is Master Cerulean's suggestion of a journey to the centre of the earth more to her liking? Her sister, Primrose Canary, is all in favour of Sir Hugo but has her own interests at heart. Mother, Violet, has always taught her daughter to think and act independently and has said she will support her daughter's choice of mate and/or adventure. She would have liked to have the opportunities that Viridiana has. Viridiana's father, Helianthus, is all in favour of a quiet life and does not intend interfering in his daughter's affairs. Her brother, Woad, has a financial stake in the proposed expedition so Viridiana's final decision is of the utmost importance to him.

Primrose Canary is going to offer her a choice which may or may not involve a bit of blackmail and Viridiana will need all her wits about her if her integrity is to remain intact. Author's note A "back story" is devised by an actor when he/she is called upon to act a role where little information is provided in the play on which to build one's character. This device is commonly used to avoid the appearance of a so-called "cardboard cut-out" character on stage among other actors who have a more solid character/obvious personality. No two actors will ever devise the same back story for the same character. It can be used to great effect in improvisations amongst adults and children alike.