When Edith planted a seed in the Golden Seed Grove this image of the great mother emerged.

Planting Seeds in the Grove

Susan Anderson dedicates this piece to all the special trees of her life

Vietnam Veteran and author of Beneath Buddha's Eyes, Tony Anthony tells a Tale of Two Trees

Jenny Aarts writes of childhood memories and the trees on a farm in New Zealand

In New Zealand home gardeners commonly grow the thin skinned Meyer, but this is the slower growing Lisbon lemon, whose allure and mystery Vivienne Bibby captures in this delightful poem.

new Heather Blakey has been watching an autumnal fashion parade at her home in Wheatsheaf, Victoria.

Cassandra offers a moving Requiem for A Tree.

At the top of the world A spirit dwells. Edwina Peterson Cross dances with a giant among giants, the ancient Aspen.

Edwina Peterson Cross relates the mythic symbolism of Tree Day.

Lois Daley finds strength from the family Lemon Tree.

Trendle Ellwood decides to learn how to boil sap and make her own maple syrup. It looks like boiling sap will become an annual spring ritual.

"If I were a tree I would be a Cottonwood" writes Debra Fox

Stephanie Hansen - sheds light on Canadian trees and reveals a new layer of truth about herself

Elizabeth Hayes paints an evocative word picture of Victorian trees.

Vi Jones visits a very special dreamscape.

Jillian Leslie writes about the rich company of trees

Lisa Mahon really captures the spirit of trees. This is a must read.

William Michaelian wonders if his Lemon Tree loves him while in The Nut and the Fisherman he ponders on the timeles notion of potentiality.

Pauline Susan Nolan evokes memories of the Camphorlaurel.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law fills the soul with longing to be protected by a tree.

Linda Plaisted writes about a Field Guide to the Trees of Pennsylvania

Teresa Seed writes about her Elder Tree

Fran Sbrocchi reminds us that a tree is tradition

Cathy Tudor writes with passion about the essence of trees and her experiences as a Landscaper.

Nicola Warwick writes about the kingdom she discovered in the wood of her childhood





The Golden Seed Grove Of Lemuria

Plant a tree in this ancient grove

The tree can symbolize the feminine principle, the nourishing, sheltering, protecting, supporting aspect of the Great Mother. The roots of the tree go deep within the earth, seeking nourishment.

Within Lemuria seeds are sown and ideas flourish, as accomplished and struggling writer's alike congregate. From the golden seed of the silver birch came the elegant birch that so gracefully filters the morning sun as it streams in the windows of Carnforth, the home of the Soul Food Cafe. Similarly writing germinates from seeds sown in writing workshops, from writing within the forums here at Soul Food..

This grove is for people who understand that real writing can come from the humblest of origins, that to write you need to be able to tap into deep sources for nourishment. The grove is for those who know that it is enough to bear witness, who find that writing provides a healthful release for feelings and tensions.

Take the time to remember your favourite tree.

Hug a tree, sit in your favourite grove and write and write and write about those gentle giants who have protected you. Stop and ask an old tree for some directions, to guide you as you travel down the writing path.

Listen to the whispering words amid the rustling leaves and share your piece in the Lemurian forum here at Soul Food.

More material about the mythological and symbolic nature of trees

"When I walk into an old grove, I am quieted by the presence of trees. The deep silence they create speaks of patience, endurance and of the sacred mystery of life. Legends from around the world echo the universal regard in which trees are held. But the stories lead us even further. They tell of how intimately humans and trees are linked. In story, trees are our teachers, ancestors, guardians, and messengers of our fate." - from Tree Lore by Diane Edgecomb

Spirit of Trees

Cultural Aspects of Trees - Myths and Traditions
Mythology of Trees
The Spirit of Trees
Living with the spirit of trees
The Oak Tree - King of the Greenwood
The Wisdom of the Apple Tree

The Power of the Willow Tree
Tree Mythology
The Holy Fig Tree
The Green Man and the Green Woman
One Tree
Trees and the Sacred
Ancient Trees - A Selection of Photographs
Make any Man or Woman into a Green Thumb

East Gippsland Listening Tree

I learned about the power of the Listening Tree when I was approximately seven years old.

Archie Hair, a prospector who lived at 'The Arches', alongside the Freestone Creek, a stone's throw from the Blue Pools, had a persuasive silver tongue and filled us with wonderment as we clambered through the bush each month at Froam, on one of his now legendary treasure hunts.

On one of these forays into the bush Archie introduced me to a Listening Tree whose girth was similar to the one photographed here.

As a child who lived in a world of imagination and fantasy I was receptive to the notion that an old tree had soaked up the wisdom of its age and would tell its story if you just sat with your ear against the trunk and quietly listened. After all, I had always been able to hear the sound of the sea in the gracious old sea shell that my grandparents had picked up on a beach in Queensland.

Few Listening Trees remain today but some of their knowledge has survived to create a sense of wonder and incredulity at the mysteries of nature. Having regularly listened to the Listening Tree in the bush behind The Arches I like to believe some of the magic was passed on through me and now lives in Lemuria.

Sit beneath an ancient Listening Tree

I love a sunburnt country...

Celebrate being Australian, learn about Australian History and discover the essence of creativity all at the same time. The Dig Tree, is etched into the Australian pysche as one of the greatest ironic tragedies. Dig and unearth some of the secrets of creativity. The Dig Tree was designed by Greg Blakey, a talented design student, with flair, imagination and the ability to meet the needs of his clients. Greg has created, amongst other things, Soul Food's zany Magic Writing Tram.


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