Rising Spirits From Worth Works

Stephanie Hansen likes to tell me that her eclectic Papier Mache Little Rising Spirit People are dead easy to make and that she is not particularly clever.

Well Steph can go on believing that. I personally adore the quirky, eclectic, original things that she has a habit of making. Readers of Soul Food will surely remember the collaged perfume boxes that she presented for the 2004 Advent Calendar, not to mention her Double Dare Greeting Cards and fun House Project.

So when she started showing some of us at Soul Food her latest Papier Mache work I got down on my knees and begged her to have a showing here on the site. Steph can never refuse my, 'Puss in Boots' of Shrek fame, look.

For more information and to order eclectic pieces contact Worth Works Studio
For an appointment call: Owner/Artist,
Stephanie Hansen
(905) 627-8380

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Eclectic Papier Mache Project from
The Studio of Stephanie Hansen

Here you are Heather!. You won’t believe the simplicity. I don’t like a good challenge. Anyone who calls me a thrill-seeker or even and artistic daredevil is a filthy liar.

I like grand ideas full to brimming with truths and wisdoms all their own, just waiting for a passing artist to discover them, but I don’t like to be distracted by complicated processes and applications. I am far more fond of concepts than techniques. This is a good thing, likely, because I’m a clumsy creature with bad eyesight and coordination problems. I can’t do anything about those particular limitations, but I can certainly demand of myself the diligent mining of my stores of patience.

Patience is as impressive as skill as any I’ve known or seen in action. It’s good for you, too, but not like castor oil or callisthenics. Practicing patience is like stretching. It’s tough, tense going at first, but then…ahhhh…you reach the point of release, you feel your fears and frustrations go slack, and you slide with a sigh all the way down into an easy it’s-really-all-okay contentment.

List of materials needed for the different forms:

Wallpaper paste
Thin cardboard from cereal box
Hot glue gun
Lightweight galvanized wire
Wire cutters
Thin aluminum (I used something called “flashing”, for roofs)
Wire mesh (finest I could get at the farm supply store)
Imagination Patience

Completed Spirit Characters

Full Papier Mache Text
Papier Mache at Worth Studios