"Red, White & Blue Betsy"
Paper Weave Collage
Copyright 2003 - 10" x 8"
Tissue paper, magazine pages, beer bottle labels, gift wrapping ribbon, paper doilies, acrylic medium on canvas
In Honor of Betsy Ross

"Always Anastasia"
Paper Weave Collage
Copyright 2004 - 20" x 16"
Coffee filters, construction paper, magazine pages, acrylic medium on illustration board
In Honor of Anastasia Romanov

"Long Ago Lidice"
Paper Weave Collage
Copyright 2004 - 24" x 20"
Tissue paper, paper lace doilies, magazine pages, drawing paper, construction paper, acrylic medium on canvas
In Honor of Lidice, Czechoslovakia

Artistic recycling is the process of using found paper, fabric and objects to create useful and beautiful pieces of art. Even food items, such as seeds, beans, and rice, can be used to create crop art. Recycled brown paper can be turned into life-size figurative sculptures, old hardcover books become bookshelves, and corrugated cardboard transforms into elegant picture frames.

"Even trash can be picked up artistically." Fred Astaire

Introducing Kristine Kadlec

Kristine Kadlec creates representational still life paper-weave collage using ordinary, common paper materials such as candy wrappers, coffee filters, postage stamps, sewing patterns, Christmas cards, shredded money, magazine pages, brown paper grocery bags, old maps, wrapping paper and newspapers which she calls artistic recycling. Artistic recycling is the process of using pieces of found paper to create useful and beautiful pieces of art. Strips of paper are woven together and then incorporated into the collage. "What other people consider garbage, I view as a wonderful medium for my paper-weave collage," Kadlec says.

Kadlec honors her deceased ancestors by naming some of her artwork after her female Czechoslovakian relatives. She also has plans for naming upcoming pieces in tribute to influential women in history such as Shirley Chisholm, Betsy Ross and Anastasia Romanov. Kadlec has spent the last several years doing genealogical research and has discovered that her Czechoslovakian surname means weaver.

She has studied art, fashion and accessories design at Pasadena City College, Otis Parsons, UCLA and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her artwork has been exhibited both nationally in group shows and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. She has won several grants for her solo exhibits. Her third solo exhibit was held in November 2004 at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Westwood, California. Her artwork has been published in Artist's Sketchbook, The Artist's Magazine, Art Business News, Art Calendar and Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine. Her award winning paper-weave pins are sold nationally through museums and galleries and she has won numerous awards for her fiber art. Kadlec also designs and creates furniture collage and wearable art.

Her articles have appeared in The Artist's Magazine, Art Calendar magazine, American Sewing Guild Notions and Fiberarts magazine. Her designs have been published in Arts & Crafts, BEAD&Button Magazine and the Wearable Art Connection newsletter.

Kadlec was born in Green Bay and is a former resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is active in several collage societies and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit her website at: www.kristinekadlec.com.

Kristine Kadlec at Soul Food