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Heather Blakey has been conducting creative writing sessions at Keon Park Primary School since 1997. She began by running small extension sessions for students who showed a keen interest in writing. These sessions were so successful that it was decided to offer them to all Grade 5/6 children.

As a whole class activity, Heather provided support and encouragement for all students to write. Even students who are generally reluctant writers find her sessions inspirational. She plants a seed of an idea and expects all children to get something down on paper. The formal conventions of writing are not emphasised during this stage and it is because of this approach that children feel uninhibited enough to get their ideas on paper.

Heather expects teachers to be active writers during the sessions. Teachers experience the process with the students and it is a reminder of what students can feel during writing sessions. Heather's writing sessions encourage teachers to experiment and have the confidence to conduct similar activities.

Heather makes writing fun and ensures that it is a successful experience for everyone.
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How you can help

If you feel inspired to encourage almost five hundred primary school students in Melbourne's northern suburbs to develop their writing and creative thinking skills you can send products to

Mrs Heather Blakey
The Writing Passport Program
La Trobe Secondary College
Waiora Road,
Macleod West,3085
Melbourne, Victoria,

These products will be used as rewards for students and will be included amongst Christmas parcels that will be distributed to many students in need of positive support.

Alternatively you can email
for more information about supporting the expansion of the Writing Passport Program.



The Opal of Immortality

The Opal of Immortality, which can be found in the Cave of Immortality gives anyone who wears it seven wishes and everlasting life. The only problem is that those who have worn it have suffered. The Opal grants seven wishes. But be careful because it can twist your wish.

The Opal of Immortality was created by a terrible wizard who wanted ever lasting life and everything he touched to turn to gold. The opal gave him his wish but also turned the wizards food and family into gold whenever he touched them. He threw the opal into a deep cave, now known as the Cave of Immortality. A three eyed bat lives to guard the opal.

One day a young woman from a nearby village came to the cave. She did not know what was in the cave. As the woman wandered deeper into the cave she heard a low sound. She decided to investigate. Suddenly she froze. There in front of her, with its enormous wings spread out, slept a giant bat. The young woman carefully stepped around the bat, careful not to stand on its leathery wings. Behind the bat was a glass case with a necklace resting on a cushion. The woman picked up the case and ran from the cave.

As she headed out a ghost of a once handsome man appeared in front of her.
"Take it back." he groaned. "Look what happened to me!"

Then the woman knew that she would only be happy if she returned the opal and went away. So that is exactly what she did.

Dina Yousif 5/6Q

The Sacred Sword of the World

If you can read the writing on the magic sword you will have the power to run the world. The magic sword was carved by the ancient Samuri nammed Sachamoto.

After the war Sachamoto carved this sword and transferred his powers to it. That is how the writing came on to the magic sword.

Sachamoto was said to live with the sword and, before he died, he told his son, Sanchimoto to protect the magic sword, but never to read the carvings on it. The last thing Sachamoto did before he died was to turn his son into a very strong beast.

This all happened in the sacred Japanese forest and Sachamoto is now immortal. Sachamoto has never read the inscription.....

Anthony Kovacevic 5/6Q