This hiss-tory snake was one exciting project that was undertaken during 2002 at Kingsbury Primary School

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Wild Amazement

By YunYun based on a guided imagery

“Arrrrgggghhhhhhhh!” Shellie yelled caused by extreme fright. How could this have happened? I feel, I feel, like, like, so.... so magical? How come? Slowly I wandered around the place while my feelings clashed. I felt frightened, eerie, curious and confused altogether. Using my instincts, I encouraged myself to touch the walls.... exactly then was when I felt hot and cold, dizzy and tired. The last thing I remembered was when I caught a glimpse of the dim light through the tiny cracks of the shell...

From inside the shell I could hear the depths of the sea, the roaring of the waves and the echo of the squealing sea gulls. I’m freezing from the smooth wet walls of this precious shell. I start to panic. Suddenly I sense ice-cold liquid and tiny grains of sand pouring in. I stare ahead, unable to move, my eyes are riveted to this, they are burning from staring and that’s when I spot something that makes my hair stand on the edge, and my goose bumps appear, something that’s glowing from the sun. My palms start to sweat, I want to run, but I’m stuck to the floor. I want to shout for help but my voice is frozen. What am I going to do? How am I going to escape? And then it occurred to me, what if I die? How will I survive in this place? Relief washed over me as I heard this terrifying creature scurrying away. I start to write in my journal. I always carry it with me. When I’m nervous, worried or scared I normally write things down. This usually helps me feel at ease but somehow it’s not working. This is feeling stranger and stranger…) Gently I closed my eyes as memories flashed back. I’m going to survive… I can make it… I can go through this… Yes I can… I can… I can… My oxygen was being sucked from me. My lungs were aching, I felt cold very cold… My eyes began to roll…


The Shell
by Bianca Grade 5/6

I walked out of my house; crossed the sands and walked down to the beach that was right on my island.
It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day.
I grabbed a bucket and walked past the palm trees, past the sand and over to the rock pools.
In the smallest rock pool
I saw the most gorgeous shell.
It was all different colours and it shimmered in the sunlight.
Suddenly I felt a churning feeling in my stomach.
I closed my eyes and after 10 seconds I opened them.
The glittering walls of a pink room surrounded me.
And then it dawned on me… I was in the shell!!!!!
Everything was perfectly still.
I could hear the sea splashing up against the rocks.
I could smell the seaweed and seawater.
Suddenly a wave splashed over the shell and everything went dark.
I sat down wondering if it was all a dream.
Then the shell was pushed up to the surface of the water.
The shell became clear and see-through. The sun pressed down on my face and I thought, “How can I get out of here.”
I was scared of the thought that I might stay in this shell forever.
The shell went dark again and I heard some giggling.
Everything became light as it was before, but this time I was under the sea.
I saw two big fish tails and a flash of gold.
I looked closely out of the shell and I saw two mermaids.
They came up to the shell and opened it.
I went out and held my breath for as long as I could but I finally gave up.
I closed my eyes and then took a breathe.
I could breath!
I couldn’t believe it.
I looked down and saw a scaly tail.
I had become a mermaid!!
I tried to talk to the mermaids but the only thing that came out was bubbles.
The other mermaids gave me a shell necklace.
With it I could talk.
They brought me to a beautiful castle.
There were Mer-people everywhere.
They fed me foods and gave me a place to live.
And there I stay happily forever and ever and ever.
The End