Equipped with degrees in History and the Humanities, Lori Gloyd journeys on her creative quest through writing, photography, and digital montage art.  Lori's "day job" is as an administrative coordinator at a private university.  

Lori is a fifth-generation Californian and lives atop an ancient sand dune near Los Angeles.

Working at Soul Food

Lori Gloyd is a hardworking blogmesterin at Soul Food. Make sure to check out her work here.

Into the Blue
Return to the Garden
Song to the Muse


Introducing Lori Gloyd

I have always been involved in some sort of creative activity starting with the 64-color crayon set as a child, later on poetry, story and essay writing, and now digital montage work and photography. 

A while back, I stumbled across the Soul Food Café while trolling the internet for writing prompts and found a virtual reality that fostered and nurtured my creative spirit. I have written and made more art in the short time I've been at the Soul Food Cafe than I have in the years prior to finding joining it.  

If I were to sum up my creative self, I would say that I am a historian by education, an observer of the natural realm by inclination, and a voyager through the world of spirit by compulsion. Whether I write, take photographs, or do digital manipulations and collage work, these themes--history, nature, spirit-- are infused and explored in each of my creative pieces. I strive to transform reality through my words and images-such as transforming the photograph of an ordinary ocean sunset into the new reality of a mandala as shown above.

Below is a digital montage I created to honor my female ancestors.

Matriarch Mural

Here is the completed mural with a closeup of Lori Gloyd's female ancestors.
From left to right: