Amongst other things Marianne Mathiasen runs the The Paper Doll Cafe.

Mathiasen at Soul Food

Log Book for Drawing in Colour

Meet Danish artist Marianne Mathiasen.

Winter Forest courtesy of Marianne Mathiasen

Art has always been a part of my life. My granddad was a painter, and my aunt had a company that produced paint. I were so to speak born with a brush in my hand. My parents always supported my sister and I, in doing creative things like drawing, painting, playing music, and dancing.

I love fairytales and one of my first large projects was a Christmas ca lender I gave my sister as a surprise. I were about 12 years old when I did this, but unfortunately, we lost the ca lender. When I had my daughter I created a Christmas c lender for her, and published it in The Paper Doll Cafe. It was so popular that I did two more c lenders the following years. Do to bad health I had to stop working on the Paper Doll Cafe for 3 years, but last year I were back with a new Christmas ca lender for 2004. In 2005 I plan on republishing the first Christmas calender I did.

My sister and I played with paper dolls as children, and creating outfits for paper dolls gave us some of the best hours during our childhood. I remember my mother drawing houses on large sheets of paper for our paper dolls, and how she could sit for many hours cutting outfits for us. When I had my children, the computer was one of the new toys, but we could not find any game for girls. I decided to create one, and in 1998 I had a game called Rosa and The Magic Fairy published here in Denmark. This was also the begriming of my home page The Paper Doll Cafe. I started it as one of the first paper doll sites on the Internet.

My published game, got me interested in animation so I went to The Danish School of animation to become a skilled cartoon animator. It was the best time of my life, I enjoyed drawing all day long, and after graduation I got a job as art director on some computer games.

Beside creating paper dolls I have been drawing and painting for many years. I like to paint plain air, and spend most of the summer in our boat painting in water color. Last year I decided to take a B. A. Degree in art, so I signed up at The Open College of The Arts

Creativity is one of the most important things in my life, and being an artist has become my lifestyle. Some days I wonder if my art is good enough, but then I just have to pick up a pencil, and start drawing to know it doesn't really matter, because it is not the finished art work that matters to me, but the time I spend creating it. My best way to keep the creative juices running is my sketchbooks. You can take a look at them on my sketchbook pages.

Last year my husband and I bought an old blacksmith from 1885, in the south of Denmark. There I am going to have a new art studio, and we plan on spending most of the summer time there. We are restoring the building, and you can follow our progress in my husband Jess's Photo gallery