Voice Dialogue

Warm the Stone Artist. Trial this unique 'Ceremony of the Mirror, a Soul Food ritual, designed to promote active imagination and stimulate creativity through the use of Voice Dialogue.

Meet and Work With Your Inner Donkey


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"The members of your inner family are just as real as the members of your outer family; they are complete selves in themselves, with their own feelings, opinions and needs. By communicating with them using the Voice Dialogue method, you become aware of how they have been affecting your feelings and behaviour. You also discover what you can do to satisfy the needs of each self so that each self works for you rather than against you."

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Patron of Soul Food, proud resident of Lemuria, Edwina Cross writes about the internal cast of characters who live within her, influencing every creative move.

I remember reading C.S. Lewis for the first time, Surprised by Joy, and how, looking for himself, he found "a zoo of lusts, a bedlam of ambitions, a nursery of fears, a harem of fondled hatreds." I felt elated and absolved.
Bird by Bird Anne Lamont
God In A Box by Anne Lamont

Voice Dialogue

The words 'know thyself' were inscribed above the entrance to the ancient temple of Delphi and reflect the pursuit of self knowledge and understanding that is pivotal to anyone seeking to live the life of a writer.

Voice dialogue takes this belief a step further, helping us to incorporate the many selves who live within each of us and enabling the individual to gain insight into the different aspects of self. Voice dialogue is a powerful tool for personal growth and development and can help us to resolve and overcome issues in a non threatening way. But apart from being a powerful tool for personal growth and development, practicing voice dialogue strengthens our capacity to breathe life into other characters who walk on the stage of our imagination. Once we come to an understanding of our many selves we are better equipped to create three dimensional characters in our fiction writing.

The truth is that there is the shadow side in each person. This is the opposite energy to the primary self through which the individual actively interacts with the world. The shadow side may well have equal power to the primary self. Through voice dialogue we can explore the different facets of self - played out by a cast of sub personalities - and develop an awareness of who is running the show in our inner lives and in the way we present to the world. It is as if the cast of selves within us has been rioting, sleeping or wandering aimlessly and directionless on the stage of life.

When I undertook voice dialogue I eventually found that there was a strong, caring, compassionate Director with the unenviable task of welding the cast, who live within, into a cooperative, contented, motivated and energetic cast. 

A Sample Voice Dialogue
Extract from Heather Blakey's journal where some of the cast of internal characters are having a conversation.

Hyde rushes in looking excited

"Jekyll! Come here and have a look at what I just found on the Internet today. I found this really neat, creative site that is operated by some woman called Heather Blakey. You would love it! She is saying the sort of thing I hear you telling people all the time and she writes well. Honestly Jekyll, I think even you will agree that she has a way with words. I swear I don't know where she gets all these ideas from. It is not that usual waffling stuff, but more practical and down to earth. I actually feel comfortable with some of her suggestions."

Jekyll smiles but does not speak

" Her latest idea is to get people to work in the fantasy world of Lemuria and then she puts what they have written on the web. Why don't you write something for her Jekyll?"

"Hyde! What the hell are you talking about? We are Heather Blakey you giant ninny!"

Hyde looks stunned.

"Are you really trying to tell me that you didn't know that our awesome combination, the cast who live in this building, has produced such prolific writing. The Soul Food Cafe belongs to us!"

Hyde explodes in rapture.

"Jekyll! If this is really true we can publish and sell thousands of books and tour the world and become famous. We can get good gigs and have people pay to listen to us and... Jekyll! Listen to me! Why are you turning your back and walking out! We could be rich and I could give up teaching these adolescents who don't want to learn anyway."

Jekyll turns, a flash of venom emitting like lightening from her dark brown, eagle eyes.

"Honestly Hyde! You are such a fool. I swear I can't tell you a thing without you losing it and thinking you can throw your books in the car and leave the mainstream workplace. When will you get it through your thick head that no one is going to pay us the same money to write? Besides, do you really want to go cap in hand and ask some snooty suit to publish our work? They are only interested in the dollars that are in it for them. Anyway, it is just another political environment. Remember the mayoralty? Have you forgotten the fight to get into Principal Class? I thought you knew that once someone pays to publish your work there is inevitably a compromise."

Hyde bursts into tears. "It is not fair! You swan around writing and being creative and keep expecting me to hold the fort and teach all day. And I get bloody tired and all I want to do is sleep! My eyes ache and I am getting headaches!"

Will you two shut up. Will you stop this constant bickering " interjects body.

Jekyll and Hyde look at body, amazed.

"She does have a point Hyde. Look! How about we have a break and think about how we can work this out. I do need you. You are so strong, practical and resourceful and it looks as though body is about to revolt or become revolting."