Advent Calendar

Don't fail to visit and bookmark the delightful Advent Calendar which Heather has produced for her Soul Food Cafe, the famous Australian haven and virtual meeting ground for writers, artists and talented folks of every description - including yrs truly. We have a permanent pied a terre at the Cafe.
Natalie and Augustine

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The Soul Food Cafe

Every cafe is a haven where you can sit down and simply enjoy the passing parade. In any city where the cafe culture is alive and well there is a niche for a cafe where you can come and browse and do some quirky and funky exercises to promote writing. From simple snacks to delicious main dishes, the food is always fresh and excellent. The Soul Food Cafe is open all day and all night long and welcomes writers from all over the world. It strives to nourish the muse. Try the unique Soul Candy of the Soul Food Cafe.


Seek hermitage within the divine sanctuary of Lemuria. Enjoy Cowslip Fruit Cakd and share the sweets of your solitude on the Lemurian forum.

Read Grammar of the Gang by Vivienne Bibby and learn how to make Lemon Slice and Chocolate Hedgehog for smokko.

Meet a Soul Food Chef, Fredrik Goldhahn and learn about his kitchen philosophy. Experiment and undertake a creative cooking session

Read Shearers' Cook by Nicole Cody and learn about life and Soul Food in the Australian Outback.

Learn how to make Camel Stew

Soul Food Chocolate Box

Check out Soul Food's new look Chocolate Box. This chocolate box leads you to inspiraional writing exercises that will help nourish your spirit during the tough times.

A Mixed Pot

If you enjoy cooking or simply want to see some bizarre food sites check these links.

Plat du Jour
Airline Meals
Consuming Passions
True Blue Australian Recipes
Exotic Meats
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Molly's Old Cookbooks





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Walk through the wardrobe and discover the enchanting world of Narnia and taste the special delicacies served up by Edwina Peterson Cross

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Boiling Sap - Maple Syrup
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Traditional German Cooking
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from the Australian Supper table
Australian Outback Cooking Yarns
While the Billy Boils

Christmas Recipes
Six White Boomers

Making a Gingerbread House
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Dutch Christmas Specialities

Ten Grains and One Life

Faith and Potatoes

EASY SCONES 4 cups self raising flour, sifted 1 cup lemonade 1 cup cream few tablespoons of milk pinch of salt Method: Make a well in the flour. Mix lemonade and cream into the flour until just combined. Turn onto floured surface and knead lightly. Press out dough to inch. Cut with scone cutter (or the rim of a glass or coffee mug will do the same trick). Brush with milk. Bake in a pre-heated 200C oven for 10-15 minutes. You can add grated cheese, bacon bits or dried fruit if you like.

Favorite Narooma Camping Recipes

Each January a group of sun-seekers from Melbourne and Sydney meet and camp, in tents, on un-powered sites, on the cliff overlooking the Narooma beach. They set up a community style shelter and share good food, wine, song and stories. Each year, as they feast upon banquets, they are astonished by what can be achieved using bottled gas. Here are some of their tried and true favorite pre-dinner and dinner suggestions..