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Cloth Paper Studio

Cloth Paper Studio is a group owned by Rachel Murphree. This group is for friendly people who enjoy working with cloth and paper in fabric books, Artist Trading Cards, postcards, collage, altered anything, surface design and embroidery... whereever our creative spirit takes us. Artists, would-be-artists, or crafters (whatever you choose to call yourself) who are willing to share ideas and knowledge, swaps or round robins, or just lurk and learn are welcome! We are hosting weekend "MINIS", projects to flex your artistic muscle and experiment and monthly projects complete with prizes.

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Recycling with Cloth, Bead, Buttons and Paper.

Rachel Murphree loves to turn found fabrics into finery... She gets a thrill out of making art by taking something that's been used and loved, listening to it speak to her of its potential, and then following its cues.

Rachel is fascinated by the interplay of texture and color, and combining unlike elements to create a coherent whole. She was a quilter before this phase of her artistic life, and then a beader, and comes from a tradition of repairing and reusing.

Now she has decided to combine her longtime fascination with beads and textiles into creating wearable art from found items. She says that she gets t a secondary thrill from being an artist role model for my two young daughters. There's a corner set aside just for them in "mommy's studio" where they sort beads into egg cartons, throw them in the air as "snow, wonderful snow!", and occasionally string some onto pipe cleaners. One of her younger daughter's first words was "bee" pointing at a bead. What more could an artistic mother ask for?

Free motion stitching.
Rachel uses scraps from her girls' dress, vintage lace, buttons and ribbons
to create a fabric collage page