Artist, Linda Plaisted, whose work may be found at her ManyMuses gallery, brings her fresh perspective of the nature of the muse, to the Soul Food Cafe. You will find her work scattered throughout the site, adding a fresh insight into the creative force that links us all. Welcome Linda!

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Linda Plaisted is artist inspired by many muses. Classically trained as a painter and illustrator, Linda is also a published writer, poet, photographer and educator. Living near Washington, DC, Linda formed Manymuses Studio- a place for students of the arts and writing to gather and attend workshops in drawing, painting and creative writing.

A former teacher, tutor and writing instructor in Arlington County, Virginia Public Schools and at George Mason University, she also offers individualized instruction in the arts and writing for students of all ages. She is currently an artist-in-residence with her local school system and is writing an illustrating a book-length story and an accompanying interactive workshop for children.

Linda accepts commissions for fine art paintings in oils and other mixed media and limited edition prints from her photography and digital art. She reveals her unique vision of the world through poignant images of the people and other creatures that inhabit our consciousness.

Linda often focuses her vision close-up on a subject, revealing an intimate and sometimes unsettling connection with objects we often take for granted. Life comes closer to us and we are forced to notice each common thing as an individual, in the process accepting ourselves as part of a greater circle. Her writing and poetry runs parallel to her work in the arts, and while created from a personal well of insight, still connects to the river that runs through all of our lives.