Ten Minutes A Day with Rhoz

When Rhoz decided to commit to writing for at least ten minutes a day she set up her blogger. To keep up todate with her work visit Rhonda's Online Journal


Introducing Rhoz of Rhoz Studios

Interested in arts and crafts from an early age, Rhonda started out making art stamps out of potatoes when she was around eight. Her interests led to papermaking and bookbinding and soon after high school into weaving and natural dyes.

She spent some months in Norway with a weaver and dyer as an apprentice. This interest in plant dyes led her to finish college with a degree in Botany. She then went on to get her Masters in Geography with a thesis in production and cultivation of Japanese seaweeds. The arts and crafts waned for many years during her schooling and subsequent years as a High School Science teacher. Then her interest in rubber stamps resurfaced. This sparked an interest in collage and brought some of her old interests of papermaking and bookbinding back.

Now she teaches Middle School Science and spends her free time doing various art and crafts. Her current interests are in artist journals, collage and mixed media, bookbinding, writing, photography, and traveling. Rhonda uses the art name "rhoz" both online and for her art.

Rhoz's Work at Soul Food