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Drawn from creative loam

I was delighted when Naomi Rifkin accepted my challenge and dipped her hands into rich creative soil. The questions and answers have bubbled and fermented and what you see now is an in depth interview which sheds fresh light on the creative process.

Heather Blakey


Introducing Naomi Rifkin

Naomi Rifkin has spend many years looking for ways to re-connect to the creative spirit she knew from her childhood. She has explored many art froms, from writing to dance, and with each form found that parts of her creative self had to be subordinated to the techniques of each discipline.

Simply, Naomi found no place for her whole self to play. Finally, and quite by accident, Naomi found process-oriented art and began attending workshops with Stewart Cubley, co-founder of The Painting Experience. Here in fornt of a blank piece of paper, Naomi found a place where there were no rules, no imperatives, no expactations and she was able to explore the path leading to her own deep well of authentic creative expression.

So moved and enriched by her own experience with process painting, Naomi started Brush Fire Painting Workshops to bring the pleasure of authentic expression to people in the San Francisco bay area.

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Digging within the Creative Loam - An indepth interview with Naomi Rifkin