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Donkey Union Secretary

No-one is quite sure how Fran Sbrocchi is doing it but she has formed a most effective union for the donkey's who have faithfully transported travellers to the House of the Serpents and other destinations on the Silk Road. Anyone planning to travel by donkey must make sure they have their papers up to date before heading out. Check Donkeys Incorporated for more details about the travels of these animals. To view a collection of Fran's portraits visit the Donkey Hall of Fame.

Apart from this Fran was responsible for discovering Owl Island, off the Duwmaish Bay Coast and has helped to create a very special Owl Mythology.

Meet Western Australian Poet
Frances Sbrocchi

Five years a peg
small enough to hold
pages of a lifetime

All life stories
are myths and mine
is of an ordinary child

An ordinary child
in an ordinary world
where poplars green in June
and wheat, seedlings
transferred from birthing flats
to summer gardens

Carragana blooms yellow
strawberry white
and March calves romp

A cottage bursts
with new-born cries
and a young doctor laughs

My mother said
born old, born talking
red-headed as her father
and already

Frances Arnett Sbrocchi