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Abruzzi Mountain Workshop
Finestro dell oro

Reassembling/Collage Making

For those of you who can't join us in Ischia, this is something you can do without going anywhere, and still take a trip.

I often begin my work session by dancing to music that calls to me at the moment, but if you don't like to dance, any form of movement is a good way to get out of your head. I like dancing because it's joyous, it feels good, and you can get wild without drinking alcohol. Though it is said that painting, or doing any kind of visual art is a mental process, movement facilitates easier access to the creative process of making art.

Next, go over to your work table and rummage through your pile of old works: drawings, paintings on paper, construction paper, paint rags, tissue paper, or anything that can be pasted on paper.

What calls to you?

Whatever it is begin there.

If you've been saving that piece because you love the part with red paint, but you know it doesn't work as a whole, then cut out that red part; that's your beginning.

Place it on heavy weight paper or cardboard will also do, then, do the same thing with part of a drawing, with construction paper or with anything that can be cut and pasted on paper. Don't be precious; there's nothing to lose, and even if it doesn't work for this collage you can always use it for another.

If you've never painted before and want to add colors, then just take some sturdy sheets of paper and acrylic paint and experiment as if you were a child again. Try not to make images, or if you make images don't be attached to making it look real. Remember, you can also cut up this and add it to your collage.

Before you paste anything down, move all the pieces around until it works as a whole. You'll know when it works. Trust your intuition.

Construction paper
Old drawings
Old paintings
Tissue paper
Paint rags
Whatever you want

Please let me know what you come up with.