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Introducing Teresa Seed

I have wanted to write since I was a little girl living in England. However I did not begin writing seriously until 1996. During this year I attended a 'Writer's Workshop Course' at Launceston College of Tafe and received a Certificate of Outstanding Acheivement. This encouraged me to keep trying at a time when I was not having any luck being published.

Upon our return to Western Australia, I had my first article published in 'Grass Roots'. Shortly after this I became discouraged and gave up writing for four years. With the arrival of 2001 I decided to try again and had some poetry published at Shadow Poetry. I also decided I needed to learn more about writing and am still studying a Freelance Journalism Course with the Australian College of Journalism. In December 2001 I had a short, true story published in 'It's a small world', That's Life magazine.

I found The Soul Food Cafe while searching the web one day and was relieved and overjoyed to find such encouragement and inspiration on hand to help me learn the craft of writing. I am very happy to say that the Soul Food Cafe has become a home for me.

My hobbies are: writing, reading, making Heirloom Dolls, gardening, Feng Shui, Star Signs, Nutrition, Herbal Remedies and Crafts. I love nature, people and life.

Teresa Seed