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The Soul Food Cafe is full of candy for a writer or artist. Here are just some pieces to chew on

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In his book Ecstasy Robert Johnson points out that we live in a world almost completely devoid of good-quality rituals and ceremony. An increasing number of people have lost contact with old ways and are denied the nourishment that comes with tradition and collective ritual. Contemporary Westerners have little concept of the mythic world and are actually afraid of it. Where as prior to the twentieth century myth and fairy tales were the repository of the wisdom of the whole culture they are now relegated to the illusionary world of childhood. Television and information technology have removed a lot of the story telling which once took place and now many children miss hearing the familiar stories.

Psychologists like Carl Jung have observed that when we begin to understand myth on a deep level we open ourselves up to communication between our conscious and unconscious selves, gaining important insights and enriching our lives. James Hillman elucidates the potential of fantasy and personification when he writes about the house the psyche actually inhabits. This house is "a compound of connecting corridors, multi-leveled, with windows everywhere and with large ongoing extensions under construction, and sudden dead ends and holes in the floorboards; and this house is filled already with occupants, other voices, reflecting nature alive, echoing again the Great God Pan."

This is like the Soul Food Cafe, with its connecting corridors and multi-leveled extensions reaching out. When you come here you can hear the voices of its many patrons, the voices of the gods and goddesses of Olympus who may be heard scurrying down the walkways, gowns rustling, excited that life has returned, that their residence has tenure.

It is Dionysus, the god of wine an ecstasy who, together with the ever playful Pan who plays wonderful tunes on his pan pipes, beguiles us offering Soul Candy.

Take the candy and rekindle the spirit of Dionysus and Pan and discover the delightful world of anticipatory pleasure. If you are daring you will feel the flow of Dinonysian energy and you will allow it to ripple through your blood stream. Take the candy and live out those parts of yourself that can have no practical expression. Savor the candy and satisfy the inner urge without doing any external damage and express the inexpressible.

Make writing for Soul Food a Dionysian ritual.