Little Spirit Project

Stephanie Hansen likes to tell me that her eclectic Papier Mache Little Spirit People are dead easy to make and that she is not particularly clever.

Well Steph can go on believing that. I personally think her talent lies in the quirky, eclectic, original things that she has a habit of making. Readers of Soul Food will surely remember the collaged perfume boxes that she presented for the 2004 Advent Calendar, not to mention her Double Dare Greeting Cards and fun House Project.

So when she started showing some of us at Soul Food her latest Papier Mache work I got down on my knees and begged her to have a showing here on the site. Steph can never refuse my 'Puss in Boots' of Shrek fame look.



Worth Works Studio
Like a box of crayons...

What does 'Enough' look like? What would you do right now if you weren't afraid? Who do you love? Who is the most important person in your life?

I do not propose to know your answers. At Worth Works, my job is simply to pose these and other questions in bright, beautiful and encouraging style.

Taking advantage of the courage caused by the right amount of red, the independence spawned in the presence of a passionate purple, and all the related levels of light and encouragement to be drawn from being surrounded by the many other bold colours, this artist combines daring hues and bold messages of strength to help you build the life you want and deserve.

Never having had anyone nearby willing to tell me what I needed to hear when the road was rough and the path overgrown and confusing, I wrote down the words of encouragement I longed to hear and placed them on the fridge and the table and the mirror and the window and the foot of the bed and anywhere else I was guaranteed to see them again and again.

Worth Works Studio is the place to turn when you are beginning again or starting out or wondering what life really could be like if you dared to wonder. Whether you are needing the presence of challenging words and questions, or loving words and gentle affirmations, you will be delighted to fill your home with whatever is the manifestation of your true spirit creatively captured on picture frames, mirrors, handcrafted bowls, papier mache mobiles, tables, chairs and more.

At Worth Works Studio you will meet someone like yourself who knows that although growth can be painful, it can also be beautiful, and it is always, always worth seeking and supporting. We all know our own answers, but sometimes we need to hear them anyway.

Come to Worth Works Studio in the heart of Dundas, Ontario for beautiful art that speaks the words worth saying, keeping, and passing on to friends and family.

For more information and to order eclectic pieces contact Worth Works Studio
For an appointment call: Owner/Artist, Stephanie Hansen (905) 627-8380

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Wacky Self Portraiture

The Soul Food Cafe works in liaison with and actively supports the work of many artists. Worth Studio is the creative child of Stephanie Hansen. Hansen is just one of a cast of artists who have found inspiration in the halls of this labyrinthine cafe and taken up residency in the Artist's Loft. Make sure to read a recent interview with Hansen and discover her fascinating self portraiture. Learn more about this quirky self portraiture and consider taking up the self portraiture challenge.