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Meet Patricia Stewart

Traveler by nature I have lived in Wales, wandered up and down the East Coast of America, settling for many years in sultry, Charleston, South Carolina. I have recently moved back to my place of birth, Upstate, New York. In the daytime I manage two small apartment complexes where I meet and help ~settle in~ the most interesting persons. In the evenings I write, read the piles of books that always surround me and create art.

Becoming a widow at age thirty-six forces one to make very hard choices. I had six children at the time , the youngest being one and half year old twins. After a couple of less than challenging, low paying jobs, where the bosses had tempers of serial killers I made the decision to stay at home.

My first concern was my babies and the effect leaving them each day was having on their already altered lives. Turning to another relationship was not an option. My imagination dreaded up pictures of the evil step father. I knew I had to fill the void with something. I learned widows loose friends and sometimes family members after a spouse's death - I still am not sure why. I started filling my time with books, writing, and art.

I didn't realize at the time I had turned to things with substance that sustain one through the darkest places and many lonely hours. I have had the most extraordinary journey combining all the related subjects - I would label them 'word pictures'. Art allows one to breath.

Reaching fifty, I don't feel over the hill, but at the very top. I am walking my way down the other side now and I still have the vigor of a girl, but the benefits of an observing adult.

Mixed-media seems to be my most versatile tool. When I am reading a novel I envision a piece of art with in the story. And when I working with vintage materials, an image, colorful paints another story creeps up and I feel the urge to write it all down. Art is a world filled with endless possibilities.

Loved Words: ~ I am fifty years old. I am not an Art Instructor, Art Historian, or Art Therapist. I am not an expert in any field, and I hold no degrees. I am simply a man (woman) who pushes paint around, hoping to discover something new. ~The Fred Babb Poster Book - Go To Your Studio And Make Stuff