Meet Jane Tilton

Who am I? I am not sure. As it says in Ming-Dao’ s Tao Meditations " Rain dripping from eaves sounds nature’s poetry We create to Explain to ourselves." Then just when I think I can define Jane everything changes. I hear a new sound, read new words, embrace new thoughts or feel a new sensation and I follow a new path. I am no more who I thought I was. To know who I really am has been a lifetime journey.

Going With The Flow
Inner World
Lemurian Collection
Tholos Dreaming

In the Lemurian Abbey

The Studio of Jane Tilton

Thrust into the world
A female soul enters
full of expectations.
She carries with her
delicate blossoms bursting with dreams:
Her leaves are imprinted with a need for
a loving mate , a peaceful home, happy children
and dreams of JOY!

Among her blossoms are seeds
filled with compassion,
empathy, trust & nurturing,.
Her roots contain the possibilities for
creativity and love.

She was born with the need
to share and care
and will spend the rest of her life
trying to fulfill these needs.
That is woman.