The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape...
Pablo Picasso

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There are many points were you can enter the Soul Food Cafe. Megan Noël's Crow Love provides just one entry point. Follow the links to discover Soul Food's love affair with Crows.

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Suitcase Project

Pack your suitcase and take a journey of healing. View Gail Reike's simply sensational suitcase work.

Self Portraiture

Experiment with this creative project

Visual Journal Lounge

The use of personal journals for the teaching of writing has had powerful and far-reaching effects. Apart from improving writing skills journals also work to change that student's enduring attitudes, values and sense of personal identity. Ideas, feelings and insights, kept in journals offer us not only a clue to the richness of our imagination, but insight into our very being.

Personal experience with students who have a dread of words has proven that when we adapt journals, provide some direction and offer activities that include visual images, the flow of words increases.

Come on in to the Visual Journal Lounge at Soul Food. Sit around and share some of the activities that are applicable to people of all ages. Complete them in your journal.


Fall in love with yourself one SoulCollageŽ at a time. Visit a SoulCollageŽ Playground today.

Advent Calendar 2003

A wonderful Advent gift came from Heather at Soul Food Cafe, who prepared a virtual Advent Calendar , with one 'door' to be opened every day through to Dec 26. Like everything at Soul Food, this is a labor of love packed with good writing, thoughts and ideas both for making this a rewarding and fruitful time, and especially for navigating the sometimes stormy and difficult waters of the holiday season.
Cassandra Pages

Shoe String Publishing

Discover how to recycle all sorts of paper products to produce Albums of Memories. Discover how you can transform things that would be discarded, learn how to renovate, redecorate and create a masterpiece that will be passed down through the family. You will literally learn how to 'publish on a shoe string.

The art of peace was born from the folds of a tiny paper box.

Here you can undertake an exciting, rewarding adventure. Together with kids in other cultures, you will use a powerful way to help bring more peace in the world. Individually! Collectively! You will do it by globally exchanging their artistic expression with pictures.

I love a sunburnt country...

Celebrate being Australian, learn about Australian History and discover the essence of creativity all at the same time. The Dig Tree, is etched into the Australian pysche as one of the greatest ironic tragedies. Dig and unearth some of the secrets of creativity. The Dig Tree was designed by Greg Blakey, a talented design student, with flair, imagination and the ability to meet the needs of his clients. Greg has created, amongst other things, Soul Food's zany Magic Writing Tram.

Intriguing Links

The bird shrine is the work of the Oiseaux Sisters is fascinating. I was particularly taken with the poetry prompt section but hey, I could spend all day looking at this stuff. On second thoughts, I am off to do another page of a visual journal I am making as a gift.

Megan Noël is an artisan who provides inpsirational material for those who are interested in journals and altered books. Her corvidae zine is available but she also displays a lot of her work on her online journal.

Modern Gypsy is a treat for devotees of the visual journal. It is packed full of interesting projects and activities.

Manhole Cover Project

Manhole Covers Project - "The notion of our inner world being beneath a manhole cover is one way of explaining why some of us are reluctant to enter an inner world. Some of us may be prevented from doing this because the manhole cover is so tightly fitted, so heavy, that we quite simply cannot go within". Visit The Soul Food Cafe - A treasure of of site!

Advent Calendar 2004

Soul Food is proud to launch what has become an annual feature. The December 2004 Advent Calendar is full of projects that have been test run during 2004 in Melbourne schools, and features the work of artists from around the world.

Make sure to let all you friends know that they must visit Soul Food on a daily basis during December in order to experience the joy of opening up a new link on the Calendar.


Soul Food Art Rooms

Are you interested in joining one of the Soul Food Art Rooms? If so simply contact heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net for details

In-house Workshops

1. Allow Joanna Powell Corbett to walk you through a creative process that may just enable you to make Tarot Journal Pages.
2. Been wondering how to display your holiday and family photographs? I began by putting a collection on the fridge, held in place by magnetic pins and magnetic doll sets. But then I found Alphenhimmel (Alpine Heaven) and my notion of the possible has changed completely.
3. Sylvia Kleindinst talks about the art of making Paper Dolls. Learn to make dolls and use them to enhance your writing.
4. Barbara Schaefer who is one of the facilitators at the Abruzzi Mountain Workshop in Italy, is currently in the cafe providing an online session on Reassembling and Collage for those of us who can't make it to Ischia this year.
5. Being creative extends to brightening dark corners of your world. Stephanie Hansen really has the magic touch when it comes to filling rooms with colour.Read her Interior Declaration and visit her studio to see the diversity of creatively inspired art that she has on display and then buy some paint pots and bright material and begin to colour your world.
6. How to open an Online Gallery.
7. Make an embroidered cover for your visual journal using some of Sharon B's embroidery stitches
8. Learn to make a Paper Doll Collage with Danish Artist, Marianne Mathiason, who runs the Paper Doll Cafe.

Wicked Art Resources

Incredible Art Department
Drawing a Figure with Andrew Loomis

Advent 2005

The 2005 Advent Calendar is complete now and it will remain online for everyone to visit and enjoy at their leisure. The calendar is just one of many features here at Soul Food that provides a complete course for those who are interested in the visual arts and writing.

Soul Food Chocolate Box

Make sure to take a strictly nonfat chocolate from the Soul Food Chocolate Box.

An Endorsement of Visual Work

In my opinion visual learning can not only produce better results but can also enable students to gain a greater understanding of the material being studied. Visual learning encourages students to think more creatively and to express themselves in ways that sometimes words cannot.

Only 10% of information is remembered from reading, whereas 50% is remembered from seeing and hearing information. Endless comprehension questions can become tedious and boring, resulting in a reduced motivation for learning and an eventual disinterest in the text. To study by visual methods renews interest in the material by constantly challenging the student to think 'outside the square'. This requires one to examine issues from different perspectives and creatively express these views in methods suitable for the task.

Visual learning can encompass a number of different methods - collages which can demonstrate how ideas link to one another; visual associations such as imagining an essay as a hamburger (both made up of different parts); using visual prompts for story ideas. Such tools can be useful in an exam when students can feel pressured and stressed and unable to comprehend the question as easily as they would under different circumstances.

Isobel McKinnon
LaTrobe Secondary College - 2002

Make Retablos

Cynthia Korzekwa's exploration of the Aesthetics of Appreciation is nothing short of extraordinary. "If you're lucky and don't know it, it's like not being lucky at all" writes Korzekwa. She suggests that to keep your luck alive you need to recognize it by making Retablos Retablos are a means of offering thanks for this luck. Personally I think Korsekwa is on to something big.

As an aside, my primary concern about linking you to Korzekwa is that I may never see you again, simply because there is so much to explore and be inspired by. Make sure to take Ariadne's thread so you get back here again. Upon return try recognizing your luck as an artist or writer by writing a Hymn to the Muse and posting it in the Muse Hymn Box.