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Possibly the best place to begin digging, to discover the treasure that lies within Soul Food, is here within the box of wonderment a magical box that is being filled with all the main writing prompts on this site. Alternatively check the bi -monthly newsletters.

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Advent Calendar

As the de facto Minister for Red Umbrellas, for December 2003, the hostess of the Soul Food Cafe launched a whimsical Advent Calendar, with a uniquely Australian focus, in order to promote gaiety and colour during December.

Christmas in Australia coincides with the winding down of the working year, the end of school and the long summer holidays. Summer in Australia involves extreme temperatures, action sports, sunscreen, picnics, barbies, slabs of cold beer, outdoor dining, camping under the stars, sunburn, blow flies and red back spiders behind the dunny door.

This calendar is designed with writers in mind but anyone looking to relax and unwind will find inspiration within pages that braid the universal threads of joy, gratitude, peace and goodwill to mankind.

People from all over the world who have been associated with the site have lent a helping hand with this calendar and as a result there are 25 primary pages, spanning 25 days, with inclusive projects, nostalgia and nonsense from both hemispheres.

Thank you to each and every one who has contributed to make this calendar such a success.

Student Lounge
Students of writing come to this zany lounge to get inspiration, clock up the miles and gain their writing passports. Join them...

Peeling The Onion
Raise self awareness and discover your inner guide by joining the kitchen hands at Soul Food to peel the onions. Kitchen duty here is like entering a hospes. It is a very safe place to express feelings and emotions that society would prefer us to hemetically seal behind our masks.
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The Soul Food Cafe

The Soul Food Cafe is a quirky cyber retreat for writers. It is a compound of connecting corridors and is multi- leveled. There are sections that are undergoing extension and old parts that are being redecorated. There are windows looking out upon the secret garden and the old Hayloft studio where artists and writers alike have claimed space. This cafe is a hive of activity. It is full of the sound of voices, new voices, old voices, all chatting and laughing, sharing hints over coffee or a nourishing meal. The Soul Food Cafe fosters creativity and encourages the writer to rest, relax and bask in anticipatory pleasure. It is the perfect place to spread your writing wings and work with a muse.

Magic Writing Tram

To participate in the primary school writing program clamber aboard the Magic Writing Tram, designed by Greg Blakey, and do some of the exercises that you will find on board.

Plant A Tree At Soul Food
Help build a forest in Lemuria. Join in the construction of this grove. Hug a tree, listen to the leaves rustling in the wind and write...

discover a sanctuary, tucked in the corner of an ancient land, where you can write in a safe, non judgemental environment....take me there
Lemurian Landscapes
Lemurian Collections

A Home Away from Home for Patrons
Patrons can avail themselves of the opportunity to publish in a range of forums. Check these out at the Soul Food Cafe. They include writing about ancestors, the muse and creative giants
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Visual Journal Lounge
It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words. Work in the visual lounge and discover that a picture really does generate a thousand words. Take me there.

Muse Toolbox
The muse toolbox includes links to reliable resources and invaluable tool for the commited writer. You will also find writing toys such as magnetic poetry, a semantic dictionary and links to tarot and runesl...
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Anatomy of Creativity
If you want to unravel the mysteries of creativity this is the place to go to discover the source....take me there

Pythian Games
Take the challenge and participate in the Pythian Games.

Writing For Well-Being
Keep abreast of the latest material demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of keeping a journal and of writing generally. Discover new mediums for self expression and benefit from this creative medicine

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The House of the Muse
The House of the Muse was designed as a temple to the Muse. It is modelled on the original Mouseion that was built in Alexandria by Ptolemy. If you want to become a votary of the muse and learn about the creative inventiveness of Calliope and her sisters this is possibly the most authorative source on the web.
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Writing Notebook
Provides us with writers' insights into the craft of writing, offers suggestions to bust writing block and leaves clues about the secrets of creativity. It provides hints to start writing and make writing a practice. Luckily you can still access the archives of the old directory.
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The aptly named Soul Food Cafe is my colourful haven in a relentless life of monotone daily grind. Heather Blakey and her Musers have given me the courage to write, to dream and to re-evaluate myself in kinder and more creative terms. Heather's website is my number one choice for writer resources, and it's forums provide a gentle place in which to test writer's fledgling wings.
Nicole Cody

"The Soul Food Cafť one of the most beautiful web sites Iíve seen. Being there, in the site, is something like being under water, looking up at the sunís rays reflecting off the blue liquid." Tony Anthony

The purpose of this site is to promote writing and creative pursuits as a daily practice. We at the Author's Quill can not say enough about this wonderful site and highly recommend that you pay it a visit and experience the magical world contained within for yourself.
Author's Quill

Welcome to this 'field of dreams.' You'll will find that whenever you visit there'll be artists; picture takers, poets, painters, and story tellers, ready to stimulate the muse. Vi Jones

HOW did I NOT find this site BEFORE? Not only is it about journaling, Muses, and creativity, but it's practical, well-written, and has stuff on VISUAL JOURNALS!! There is, literally, enough stuff here to keep you busy until your favorite pen has gone the way of the Dodo. A MUST SEE site of 2003, in our not-so-humble-royal opinion.

I love a sunburnt country...

Celebrate being Australian, learn about Australian History and discover the essence of creativity all at the same time. The Dig Tree, is etched into the Australian pysche as one of the greatest ironic tragedies. Dig and unearth some of the secrets of creativity.

Soul Food Chocolate Box

Check out Soul Food's new look Chocolate Box. This chocolate box leads you to inspiraional writing exercises that will help nourish your spirit during the tough times.

The BookDepository 

A Gourmet's Delight
Soul Food Recipes

Walk through the wardrobe and discover the enchanting world of Narnia and taste the special delicacies served up by Edwina Peterson Cross

Soul Food Chef
Fredrik Goldhahn

Dutch Babies
Become a Lunch Box Spy
Dilly Chilly Hamburger

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato
Pebble Soup - A Portuguese Specialty
Main Meals
Camel Stew

Lemon Merinque Pie
Berried Treasure
With Tea and Coffee

Lemon Slice and Chocolate Hedgehog

Sample a chocolate
Cowslip Fruit Cake

Soul Candy
Boiled Chocolate Cake

Traditional Recipes Passed down
Boiling Sap - Maple Syrup
Spotted Dick and Bird's Custard
Traditional German Cooking
Tren's Chunky Salsa
from the Australian Supper table
Australian Outback Cooking Yarns
While the Billy Boils

Christmas Recipes
Six White Boomers

Making a Gingerbread House
Saint Lucia Festival Food

Ten Grains and One Life

Faith and Potatoes

'The tables at Soul Food are filled with patrons who know that to perfect their craft they must come to the page on a daily basis. Soul Food provides a wholesome range of innovative prompts that fire imagination and ensure a stream of swiftly flowing words.'

Resuscitating Imagination

Learn about the power of the creative arts to resuscitate imagination and heal.

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Artist Studio
The Artist Studio, in the old hay loft above the stables at Soul Food, comprises of craftsmen and women, skilled artisans and writers committed to the creative process. The Artist Studio is where they can showcase their work and share their insights into the nature of creativity..

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101 Ways To Nourish Writers' Spirit
Many creative artists have a very fragile sense of self. Criticism and discouragement, prescriptive and restrictive teaching styles, combined with the myth that you have to have natural talent to write, all combine to threaten a writers' sense of self. Sample innovative exercises that promote self awareness and stimulate creativity

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Creative Sleuthing
I have always had a passion to learn more about my genetic pool. My maternal great grandfather and grandfather were writer's. Could there be clues in their history to guide me?

Writing On SF Walls

Muse Hymn Box
Lemurian Collection
Laurel Crown Awards


The Soul Food Cafe promotes the art of writing and the creative arts as a therapeutic tool. Within the non judgemental and supportive environment of Soul Food individual well-being and creativity flourish'