Meet Gabe Cyr

I can't really remember when I didn't create stuff. Earliest memories? Playing in the fabric scraps left over from my little French Canadian Grandmother's sewing…wondrous silk and satin 'left behinds' from her sewing church vestments…..luscious against my 2 year old skin. I had luxuries to hide in….. building blocks for creating whole worlds, before even knowing what this one was supposed to be about.

That 2 year old is still with me, joined by the youngster who rode off on horseback with her chum to play in the local dump. More worlds to create there…… The teenager who joined the party, taking walks to gather flowers, branches and any manner of flotsam to make "arrangements". ….and the young mother making her kids dolls, cheering them on as they constructed forts, while she painted her own walls of bright blue and pasted cumpled kitchen foil.

I have discarded the notion that I need to know what I want to be when I grow up in favor of deciding that it is the journey and not the goal that is the focus of my life.

I am a soul who teaches, creates, writes, helps people explore the wise messages they have to give themselves, but haven't yet heard…. all with visual arts and words as the journey.

I exhibit in galleries and arts events, have my art published in books, and win awards now and again.

Doing this keeps me juicy. Retirement from it is not an option.